Ready Player One: A Deep Dive Into The Book And Movie

April 11, 2018

    On this episode Shawn joins Phillip again, and the two of them talk ALL about Ready Player One. They both listened to the unabridged audio book and they both watched the movie. SPOILERS THROUGHOUT THE PODCAST. Everyone should definitely check out the audio book. The guys liked both, but they like the book a little more. So in this episode they talk about all the refrences and what that means to them. So this episode if full of pop culture. It's a fun time. Hope you enjoy.

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Before Podcasting There Was 69 USUK, A Fake Radio Show, From 1991

March 28, 2018

   On this show Phillip talks about his friend Dave and how they use to do a fake radio show that they would record in Dave's bedroom on a Boombox. WE HAVE ONE OF THE TAPES. They had loved the movie Air America and would call themselves Air Phlave (For Phil and Dave). They started recording the fake radio show in maybe 1989, and would listen back to it while they drove around. Phil and Dave had fun and didn't care what people thought. In 1991 they headed to Tucson to see a friend named Tia, because she was a little sad and stressed out because she was at U of A and was missing her family and friends. They had such a good time and relieved her stress a bit, that they thought that they would make her tape. So either on June 7th of 1991 or a little before that, they recorded a tape for her. She really enjoyed it. Well about a year or two ago, Phillip reached out to Tia and asked if she had the tape and she did. So what you will hear on this podcast is some excerpts from the 27 year old tape. It's full of things like made up movie trailers for Total Recall 2, Batman 2: The Joker's Revenge, Yet Another 48 hours, Back to the Future 4: Salem Revisited, Robocop 3: Batteries Not Included, Predator 3: Underground, Beetlejuice 2: More Juice, Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure 3: Pyromania, Arachnophobia 2: The Spawning, Miami Blues 2: The Monopoly, James Bond: Silvertoe, Die Hard 4: Back for More, and Ford Fairlane 2: The Awesome Rock'n Roll Junky. Phillip then reads a female blog that he wrote once. Also he reads some lyrics to some of the parody songs that Phil and Dave use to sing and have recorded. Then Phil talks about how he and Joe did 3 separate tapes of their own fake radio show called 66.6 HELL. Unfortunately Phillip lost those tapes. Hope you enjoy.

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Episode #106: Chopping Mall Commentary And A Podcast

March 18, 2018

    On this #106th episode of the podcast, Phillip and Shawn ask you to join them in watching 1986's Chopping Mall on Amazon Prime Video. We ask that you go to Amazon Prime and watch the movie while they comment on all the cheese. It's fun times and a silly movie about security guard robots that are out of control and set to KILL. Phillip and Shawn had never seen this movie before they turned it on. They thought that it would be fun to do a silly commentary. Let us know what you think. After the 1 hour and 16 minute cheese fest, the two of them talk about an old shirt that Shawn had, they talk some more about M.A.S.K., Phillip tells a story about how his cousin made an awesome trade for ALL the M.A.S.K. toys, Shawn tells us that Toys R Us is going bankrupt, Phillip reads fan mail, Phillip talks about Rub Grub a vibrator that orders pizza after you climax, they celebrate Shawn being 3 years clean and sober, they talk a little about Ready Player One, and they end the show by telling you all to BE EXCELLENT TO EACHOTHER.

Get Off My Lawn When You Scream, “Diet Pussy!”

March 2, 2018

We are back. On this show, episode #105, Shawn has been sober for 1081 days. Shawn and I talk about getting old. Boy do we have FUN! We discuss whether we like toasted or untoasted pop tarts, whether we wipe while standing or sitting, chickens having sex, inappropriate work behavior, which then leads Phillip and Shawn into talking about Kamikazi pilots yelling "Diet Pussy!" They then talk about Predator, Will & Grace, Saturday Morning Cartoons, how they wanted to be assassins, Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K. (which makes Shawn extremely happy), the game Cobra Command, the band Kiss, Phillip talks about what his father is up to lately, they then talk about their health, they talk about Predacons again, and Thundercats. They end the show by coming up with an idea to record a podcast while they watch the movie Chopping Mall. It is a great show and moves by fast. 

Thanks for listening.

Ode To Kevin Smith New Year’s Eve Special

December 31, 2017

    On this special end of the year episode, Phillip thanks all the listeners and co-hosts. He then talks about what's coming up in 2018. Then he plays a re-run of a show he and Serjio did on April 15th 2011 called Ode To Kevin Smith. They talk about Kevin Smith, anal sex, masturbation, and movies. It's a very funny show.

Phillip and the gang will be back on March 1st 2018.

Thanks for listening.

What Do You Believe? MK Ultra, Police Shootings, And Ready Player One

December 13, 2017

     On this show Phillip and Shawn start the show by Shawn apologizing to Phillip's cousin Chip. They then talk about how they are also going to talk about the JFK assassination, but they ran out of time. They then talk about the CIA ran mind control project called MK Ultra, then they discuss the media, police shootings, unwanted people in your neighborhood, and Ready Player One.

Thanks for listening.

Let us know if you have any questions or topics for us.

Timely References, Roswald Killed Kennedy, And “How Would You Cut Out A Vagina?”

November 15, 2017

    On this second part of the podcast that Phillip and Joe recorded on October 25th, the two old friends talk about.....the JFK assassination and the assissintaion files, getting old, Star Wars, Family Matters and Perfect Strangers, Battle of the Network stars, Joe tells Phillip that he doesn't have to watch everything, they talk about celebrities that hate eachother, confusing one celebrity for another, nostalgia, Voltron (new and old), Battle of the Planets cartoon, Galaxy Rangers cartoon, Robotech cartoon, trying to reclaim Phillip's childhood, a certain Lethal Weapon scene that Joe can't recall, movies that hold up through time, True Romance and Beverly Hills Cop, Revenge movie, Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3, Seinfeld, Grindhouse, how Phillip tried to make a movie once in Phoenix, No Code of Conduct movie, how Psycho was filmed in Phoenix, Phillip watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind re-release, a Johnny Carson interview with Michael Keaton and Terry Garr, Beetlejuice 2, Tim Burton sucking now, Joe says that Zak Snyder's daughter probably killed herself because she doesn't like Zak Snyder either, Batman V. Superman theme should have been better, Danny Elfman music, John Williams music, they review Blade Runner 2049, they discuss CGI of Sean Young and Peter Cushing, the Norm MacDonald talk show on youtube, Mindhunter review, Ed Gein collecting vaginas, they discuss what the proper way to cut out a vagina would be, they then talk about Alex Jones, 911 conspiracies being a thing, they talk more about the JFK assassination, show ideas for Phillip and Shawn, Joe asks where Serjio is, they then discuss tv show like the Goldberg's, Modern Family, The Mick, The Exorcist, Law and Order: The Mendez Brothers, Phillip then talks about hisvcousin Chip doing Twitch and Patreon, and they end the show with Phillip telling a story about how his dog was electrocuted and lived.

It's a funny show. 

Thanks for listening.


Born At The Salvation Army, The Poop Plug, And You Can ALWAYS Go Home Again

November 1, 2017

On this episode, Phillip is excited because JOE IS BACK. The two of them talk about the 100th episode of the show, Twitch players, Phillip reads an email from Joe's doctor that delivered him 46 years ago, Joe talks about how he was born at a Salvation Army, Phillip reads a question from somewhere on the internet about a boy with a poop plug in school, Phillip talks about a dream involving Tom Cruise, they both reminisce about Benson, Joe talks about a dream he had involving Adam Savage, Phillip talks about going back to the house he grew up in, Phillip tells a story about a guy at work with inappropriate pictures on his phone, Phillip also tells a story about a movie theater worker with a speech impediment that talked to Phillip about The Star Wars Christmas Special, they then talk about Phillip's father's girlfriend getting injured, Phillip talks about his father not knowing everything about the bible, Phillip then reviews some movies like Detroit, Wind River, It, Spiderman Homecoming, It Comes at Night, and Baby Driver, they end the conversation by talking about The Last Podcast On The Left and reading some silly made up emails. 

Hope you enjoy.

Join us here in 2 weeks for part 2 of the conversation.

#101: Conspiracies, Mindhunter Reviewed, And Some Fake Radio Shows

October 18, 2017

    This episode I do by himself. (I TRIED TO RECORD A VIDEO OF THE PODCAST BUT HE RAN OUT OF SPACE.) I start out by thanking everyone for listening, then I talk about the new thing that Shawn and I are doing on the show about aliens, conspiracies, and weirdness. I then tell everyone to listen to the Last Podcast On The Left. I explain about what I may be wanting to do with the podcast format. I then talk about getting old and how I feel being 46. Then I talk about Moviepass and I review some recent movies like Wind River and Baby Driver. I talk quality over quantity for the podcast. I talk about my dad actually remembering my birthday. I tell a newstory about a woman that pretended to be crazy when Boka Horam showed up so they wouldn't kidnap her children. I review Netflix's new show Mindhunter. Then I tell a weird news story about a man that collected 3,000 penises. Then I tease the next show that I will do with Joe. Then I talk about the fake radio show that me and my friend Dave did, and the one that Joe and I did. (On the next show you will be able to hear these old recordings.) Being as it's Halloween season, I talk a little about The War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Thanks again for listening.

100th Episode: About The Show And Alien Fight Club

October 4, 2017

    Phillip and Shawn celebrate the 100th episode of the show by talking about all the different things that have been talked about on the show; semen extractors at Chinese hospitals, 21 severed vaginas, saving your daughter from a bukake drowning, etc. Then they answer the alien abduction and UFO questions that they brought up on the last show; what is a sexy alien abduction, when was the first alien abduction and alien sighting, what is project Bluebook, and why would aliens want nitrates. While discussing that Shawn brings up the fact that several people believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy. (They decide that that will be the topic of a future show.) They then talk about people trying to make it on youtube and twitch.  

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