A Woman Has Sex With A Dog And Paranoid Schizophrenics Are Scary

April 5, 2017

    On this episode, Shawn joins Phillip, and the two of them talk about shooting guns, and reasonable and unreasonable purchases. They answer an email that asks what is their best, worst, and funniest childhood memories. Phillip tells a story that a guy at work told everyone about masturbation that was inappropriate for work. Phillip and Shawn then discuss porn and they way porn has changed. Phillip then tells a story about a woman that had sex with a dog and was arrested. Phillip then tells Shawn about the podcast called Sword & Scale and a guy named Luca Magnatto.  Phillip then tells a story about a paranoid Schizophrenic at work that he could't help. They discuss the backlash against Youtube star Pew De Pie. They then talk about the new Youtube rules and regulations. Hope you enjoy it.

Join us in 2 weeks when.....Phillip and Shawn review the new movie Ghost In The Shell, and then they will discuss the future of all things.



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