Anal Sex, Bad Jobs, And Money’s No Object

June 30, 2017

    The show this week is from October 11th, 2010. Phillip is joined by Serjio and a call in guest named Shawn. They talk about what they would do for 500 dollars, and then Shawn calls in with a funny scenerio. Serjio and Phillip then read some odd news about Zimbabwe men being raped by women, local guy almost sufocates by putting a bag over his head and robbing a store, a person's neighbor is arrested for child porn they uploaded, friend's brain in a jar, men in Afghanistan walking with young boys, and stimilus check payouts. Then the conversation turns to anal sex. Shawn calls in again to discuss his experience. Serjio then reads an English article about anal sex. Then Phillip and Serjio answer the question, "If they could buy anthing what would it be?" They then discuss the bad jobs they have had and the funnest jobs they have had. They then discuss Karate Kid old VS Karate Kid new. They talk a little about some movies from 2010. It's a funny show. 

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