Being Forgetful, Ending And Canceled TV Shows, And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Reviewed Quickly

May 18, 2017

   On this episode Phillip is joined again by his cousin Chip, who is in Colorado, and the 2 of them discuss what they have been up to, Phillip talks about his cosmic coincidence with a couple of recent celebrity deaths, Phillip talks about how he almost flushed his partials down the toilet, and being forgetful. They both talk about being lazy and sometimes not hearing what their wives have said. Then Phillip talks about what an idiot he is, and he gives some examples. Phillip then talks about his love of Mystery Science Theater 3000. They then talk about seeing some crappy movies in the theater. The two of them discuss recent comedy specials that they have seen, Kevin Hart's What NOW? and Dave Chapelles new Netflix standup comedy shows. Phillip and Chip then go through a list of cancelled TV shows and some old TV shows that are coming back (Will & Grace and Roseanne). The two of them then discuss some TV shows that they watched when they were younger. Then they quickly review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 

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