Chicken Teeth And Turkey Nipples

December 1, 2016

    This week on the show. It's another rerun with Phillip and Serjio from June 18th 2011, but boy is it funny. They start by talking about Phillip's clothes, they read a pretty funny email from Serjio's wife, then the topic goes to masturbation, how to talk to your kids about masturbation, they then talk about a pubic hair that Serjio found on his leg, which leads them talking about their father's pubic hairs, they discuss the weird things that you say to your children that you would never say to an adult, they talk about how they were spanked when they were young and whether kids now days should be spanked, they then ask eachother if they would masturbate as much if they were gay, then Serjio reads a weird news story about a rapist, and another news story about chickens with teeth, and news story of monkeys with human faces, and then they ask eachother if turkeys have nipples.


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