Jesus Christ: Fists Of The North Star

August 9, 2017

 This episode was recorded on January 27th, 2011. Serjio and Phillip talked about Phillip making out with a young girl and almost getting caught by the woman that she was babysitting for, Phillip talks about masturbating to Bryan Adam's Cut's Like Knife video back in the day, Phillip talked about his girlfriend at the time, (now his wife), and looking at other women, they talk about the movie Catfish, they then discuss a new thing called streaming video, Phillip picks on Serjio pronouncing ValenTIMES Day, Phillip and Serjio then tell the cinco, cinco, cinco story, Serjio talks about how he doesn't speak spanish, Serjio talks about how a swinger's club is now a church, they answer a question what would Jesus do if he showed up now?, they then talk about their version of a vengeful Jesus, they discuss their thoughts of Heaven, Phillip tells Serjio that he is a Reverand, Serjio then blows Phillip's mind by asking Phillip what he would do if aliens showed up and stopped the end of the world while Jesus was here, they then talk about anal sex a bit and prolapsed anuses, Serjio then tells Phillip that he is smarter than him, and Phillip gets extremely defensive. It's funny stuff. Please listen. Thanks.   

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