Dealing With Drunks On New Year’s Eve, And Is A Possible Presidential Assassination On The Horizon?

January 4, 2017

    It's our first show of 2017 and Phillip is joined by Shawn once again. The two of them discuss how Phillip dealt with drunks on New Year's Eve at his job, how Shawn dealt with a Reverand who said that he got a promotion to the Head Nigger in complete charge, Phillip talks about helping a drunk guy out of his wheel chair and into his car, Phillip tells a story about a show called Mad Dogs on Amazon Prime and tells Shawn about the guy on there that is a recovering alcoholic, Phillip then talks about his father and what has been going on with him, they discuss DUI stories, Shawn talks about how he recently got his interlock device off of his car, then Phillip asks Shawn if he thinks that Donald Trump will be assassinated sometime in the 4 years, they then talk about how Obama had threats on him, then they ask who will be the first lady, and they end the show with Shawn reading a list of deaths of 2016.


So Happy New Year everyone. Be Excellent To Eachother!

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