Old Man Manson Twitches And 24 Legacy Reviewed

February 10, 2017

 On this episode, Phillip and Shawn talk about the fact that Shawn has quit smoking with Chantix, they talk about how old they are, Superbowl halftime shows through the years, Serjio telling Phillip that this would be a non Superbowl podcast, Shawn talks about how he is going to be starting playing video games on Twitch under the gamertag of Old Man Manson, Phillip talks again about why he loves doing the podcast, Shawn says that he may start a podcast about Destiny, Phillip talks about his friend's podcast called The Rocky Horror Podcast Show, Phillip then talks to Shawn about how he tries to come up with ideas for the podcast, then Phillip and Shawn talk a little about 24 Legacy, and finally Phillip reviews 24 Legacy by himself.

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