Podcasts, Lots Of Crazy, And A Lack Of Empathy

July 26, 2017

     This time on the show, Shawn joins Phillip and the two of them discuss Marvel Heroes Omega video game, Dan Carlan's Harcore History podcast, a little bit of Father Knows Best with Phillip's father, Phillip tells Shawn about a podcast called Cashing in with T.J. Miller, they talk about how reality tv sucks, Phillip talks about another podcast called Generation Why, they both talk about a murderer named Edwin Kemper, they talk about how full of shit they both use to be in their youth, they talk guns, the craziness of some people, Phillip talks about another podcast called Hollywood & Crime about the Black Dahlia/L.A. murders, Phillip then tells Shawn about a great podcast called The Last Podcast on the Left, they then discuss Scientology, The Oklahoma City bombing, a killer named Carl Panzram, the Philadelphia Experiment, Shawn tells Phillip about a video game called Anthem, they talk about the greatness of podcasting, Phillip tells Shawn about the Japanese actress that drown in the bukake scene and gives him a scenerio, Phillip then tells Shawn a story of a Priest that massages penises to help them grow, they also talk about a bunch of cocaine that was found in the nose an commercial airplane, they talk about the fear of going to another country to train, they then discuss different cultures and America being so young, then Shawn talks about his new gun and they talk about shooting at a range. It's a good informative podcast. Check out all the podcasts that we talk about on the show.  

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