Shooting Guns, The North Korean War, And Licking Zartan

August 23, 2017

    On this episode of the podcast, Shawn joins Phillip for a discussion. (As of posting this podcast Shawn is sober for 894 days.) The two of them discuss their failing eyesight, Phillip's cousin Chip trying to make money off of Patreon and Youtube, the fact that you have to train to become better at what you do, Phillip then talks about shooting his gun at Shooter's World, Shawn talks about how he can't stand the voice of a youtuber/shooting instructor named John Lovell, Phillip talks about his Sig Sauer P320, they both talk about shooting indoors, Shawn talks about the first time that he ever went shooting with Phillip, Shawn talks about his new Sig Sauer rifle and Sig Sauer's customer service, they talk about the Glock 18 and suppressors, they also discuss the possibility of going to war with North Korea, Phillip talks about the funny song that Weird Al Yankovich sang on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, they talk about their love of a podcast called The Last Podcast On The Left, Phillip then tells Shawn about all the topics of that podcast like...Carl Panzram, The Oklahoma City Bombing, Chris Benoit killing his family, Jack the Ripper, Scientology, and The Endfield Poltergeist, and lastly the tease their next episode of the podcast which will be all about The Endfield Poltergeist. Hope you enjoy.

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