The Endfield Poltergeist, House Hauntings, And The Creative Hustle

September 6, 2017

   (Phillip and Shawn talk about being recorded on video, but the recorder ended early. So there is no video recording of this episode on youtube, just audio.) This week's show has Phillip and Shawn talking about a podcast called The Last Podcast On The Left, then Phillip talks about a ghost baby that he saw once when he was younger, they then talk about The Endfield Poltergeist, and Phillip talks about the suicide of his friend from his youth, they talk about people with depression, Shawn and Phillip talk about when they have each had physicic readings and how fake they are, they both discuss haunted houses, Shawn telss a story about a club that he use to work at that may have been haunted, they then both discuss Patreon and Phillip's cousin starting his own business with it, they talk about the hustle that goes into creating something and making money from it, Phillip talks about different ideas and structures for the podcast, Shawn then tells a story about a customer of his that got scammed over the phone, and they end the show by talking about Moviepass.  


So send us an email if you have any spooky stories that have happened to you. or go to and comment there.

Hope you enjoy.

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