The Unbreakable Split And Being Inappropriate At Work

February 22, 2017

     This week on the show Phillip and Joe answer an email about them getting old, and try and figure out how long they have known eachother. They then talk about the movies Split and Unbreakable. Phillip talks about Manhunter and Don't Breathe. Phillip then tells about some people at work, including himself, that say inappropriate things. They discuss how great The Golden Girls are, work relationships, Phillip watching Dexter, how Phillip has stopped watching crappy shows and movies, Phillip talks about the movie Gold with Matthew McConaughey, Joe asks Phillip what his favorite Billy Joel song is; who Phillip thinks is an overrated rock band, then they talk about some songs and bands when they were teenagers, then Phillip asks Joe what his favorite soundtrack is, and then they recommend some movies that are great but not well known. So it's a fun show. (Had some sound problems in the beginning, but then it all works out.)


Hope you enjoy. Have a great day.

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