Chicken Teeth And Turkey Nipples

December 1, 2016

    This week on the show. It's another rerun with Phillip and Serjio from June 18th 2011, but boy is it funny. They start by talking about Phillip's clothes, they read a pretty funny email from Serjio's wife, then the topic goes to masturbation, how to talk to your kids about masturbation, they then talk about a pubic hair that Serjio found on his leg, which leads them talking about their father's pubic hairs, they discuss the weird things that you say to your children that you would never say to an adult, they talk about how they were spanked when they were young and whether kids now days should be spanked, they then ask eachother if they would masturbate as much if they were gay, then Serjio reads a weird news story about a rapist, and another news story about chickens with teeth, and news story of monkeys with human faces, and then they ask eachother if turkeys have nipples.


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Inception, Deception, And Escaping Detection

November 24, 2016

This week on the podcast we go back to February 11th, 2011, when the podcast was called It's Kind Of A Funny Story. Phillip and Serjio talked about how Serjio got molested by a stripper when he was 13, whether Kevin Smith is genuine and what that means, channel surfing, Serial Killer Victims, Phillip's fucked up stories, an armored van that Phillip saw and tried to figure out how to rob it, a bank robbery that happened here in Phoenix by a guy named Jason Derek Brown who is still on the FBI's most wanted list, they talk about the movie The Town, they discuss D.B. Cooper and whether he survived; the Lindberg baby kidnapping; the Paris jewelery theft; and The Great Train Robbery, the movie Heat and the L.A. bank robbery that it inspired, Phillip talks about another hijacker named Richard McCoy, they discuss pig latin, a childhood game called Green Light Red Light, a clothespin game that Phillip use to play as a child, they discuss canned tamales, Phillip asks Serjio for ideas of what to do on his (what was then going to be) 40th birthday party, Serjio tells Phillip about a reality show called Face Off, they talk about the Being Human TV show, Phillip tells Serjio about a movie called 500 Days Of Summer, they talk about George Clooney in The American and Men Who Stare At Goats, Phillip talks about Machete and Serjio talks about how he doesn't like Robert Rodriguez anymore, and they end the show by Phillip talking about how he cried at Toy Story.


We hope you enjoy it. Serjio will be back soon....

The Raping Of America By President Trump Might Be Bad, But Semen Smoothies Are Good For Your Skin

November 16, 2016

This week on the podcast Phillip and his good friend Joe talk about the new TV shows that are on like the Exorcist and Lethal Weapon, they talk about old movies like Condorman and the Black Hole, they answer some emails that were written by Geena Davis and Pauly Shore, Phillip tells a story about what his dad thinks a USB plug in looks like, Joe analyzes a dream that Phillip had where he was controlling a giant robot and was unarmed, they talk about what songs would play at their funeral, they talk about what their last meal would be, they answer a question that Shawn had asked, "If you had to eat either Tacos or Pizza for the rest of your life which would it be?", they then discuss about what is going to happen with TRUMP being our new President, Joe talks about Illegal aliens, Phillip asks Joe what the first thing he would ask to see if he were to become President, Phillip tells Joe about a conspiracy that may exist with Hilary Clinton's emails, Joe asks Phillip what his favorite cover songs are, Phillip tells a story about a woman named Mary Toft who was pregnant with rabbits in the 1700s, they discuss sitcoms, Phillip talks again about his love the tv show The Fall Guy, they talk about toys they had as children, they discuss the Rogue One trailer and Shawn's love of the XXX movie with Vin Diesel, Joe asks where Serjio's been, and last but not least Joe reads Phillip a news story about Semen Smoothies.

It is a funny show. So check it out and let us know what you think.

The Presidential Election, Sushi Pizza, And Tuna Tacos

November 9, 2016

This week, Shawn joins Phillip on the podcast to talk about the presidential election, how Trump is 70% full of lies, the fact that Shawn doesn't vote, they talk about who to vote for, Shawn says that history always repeats itself, Phillip talks about how Trump isn't the first weird candidate, they talk about the way that Halloween has changed since they were younger, Shawn explains the fact that the internet connects weirdos, they talk about the way people don't check their facts when they see a news story, they talk about why you never argue politics, they tell what their Make-A-Wish would be, Phillip talks about how he was Spiderman for Halloween, they figure out what song would play at their funeral, they talk music and lyrics, they then talk about Queen, Led Zepplin, The Doors, playlists, they talk about how you can't make someone feel what you feel from a song, Phillip tells Shawn about Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 3, Phillip reads off a list of the 20 catchiest songs of all time, then Shawn asks Phillip the question, "If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be Pizza or Tacos?", and it all ends with Shawn telling Phillip that he has been sober for 607 DAYS. 

We hope you enjoy listening to the show because we had fun making it.

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The High Cost Of Replacing Your Childhood, And The Sucky New MacGyver.

November 2, 2016

     This week Phillip is joined by his cousin/friend Chip. It all starts with Phillip telling a story about how he went to a collectible marketplace of all things pop culture, the 2 talk about what kind of toys they had growing up, Chip talks about the wrestler from the WWE named Goldberg and how he has become loved, Phillip talks about a documentary he saw about Brian Bosworth, they both talk about how their wives aren't as invested in the shows that they are, they both talk about the new Lethal Weapon TV show, Phillip tells Chip how cool the new Exorcist tv show is, they both review the new MacGyver TV show (It's horrible.), Chip talks about how great the superhero shows are getting on the CW, Phillip recommends a movie on Netflix called ARQ, Chip talks about a show called Timeless even though Phillip says that it sounds like an old show called Voyager, Phillip reads off a top list of movies on Netflix right now, Phillip also tells Chip about the black and white version of Mad Max Fury Road (Its called the Black and Chrome edition.), Phillip says that Serjio WILL be coming back on the podcast soon, Phillip talks about how excited he is to finally dress up for halloween, they both talk a little about the election, and last but not least Chip defends his love of Pauley Shore to Joe. 

Thanks for listening. 

The Jack-O-Lantern Story And The War Of The Worlds 78 Years Later

October 28, 2016

     This week it is a special Halloween episode of the podcast. Phillip talks about the reason why we put carved pumpkins in front of our doors, and then he plays the original The War of The Worlds radio broadcast from October, 30th 1938. It's a fun show. The radio broadcast had caused a lot of panic back in 1938. So just listen, and you will understand. Join us next week when Chip will be back as Co-host and they discuss new TV shows, Marvel movies, and other things. Then in 2 weeks Joe will be back with Phillip and they will read listener emails, talk about the devil and the TV show The Exorcist, and much more. We hope you enjoy it. 

The Red Slippers That God Wears In Another Dimension

October 19, 2016

This week Phillip is joined by his friend Shawn. (As of posting this, Shawn has been sober for 586 days.) The 2 of them start by talking about the movie The Crow, then they talk Anime (Ghost in the Shell and Neo Tokyo), then Shawn tells Phillip about a Go Fund Me page to restore Dorothy's Red Slippers, they talk movie props, drugs and alcohol, a thing called DMT that makes you see things in your mind, they then talk about God, Phillip tells Shawn about the movie The Accountant, they talk about whether they could be real life hitmen, Phillip tells a story that he heard about from Afghanistan, Shawn tells Phillip about a guy that tried to kill 2 police officers at a Starbucks, and they talk about how they are the only 40 year olds that watch Youtube. It was a fun show.

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Pissing The Bed In Bootcamp, No Big Dreams, And The Old And New In TV

October 12, 2016

    This week Joe joins Phillip and they discuss several things like what is Corinthian Leather, David Prowse being Darth Vader, Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, the way you can never go home again, the fact that Phillip doesn't want to be his father, planning for the future, Phillip talks about a weird dream he had with Kevin Hart in it, Joe surprises Phillip with a story when he was in bootcamp, Phillip's Spiderman costume, the new Lethal Weapon TV show, The Exorcist TV show, they talk about paranoid schizophrenics, Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield, John Wick Chapter 2, another Robin Hood remake, a new movie coming out called Sleepless, a Magnum P.I. remake coming back to TV, the new Frequency TV show, the TV show called Wings, Alf being everything that was wrong with the 80s, the Nerdist podcast, Pauley Shore, Marc Maron's WTF podcast, Phillip tells Joe about the rumor that Kevin Spacey is gay, the horror of Freaky Friday and Fair Game, Phillip explains how life is like Tango & Cash and Black Rain, the awesomeness of the movies Contact and What Lies Beneath. 

    We hope you enjoy the show.   

Weight Loss Surgery, Lawsuits, and Lawyering Up

October 5, 2016

     This week on the show Phillip is joined by Tracy, and the 2 of them talk about weight loss surgery, working out, class action lawsuits, getting in trouble at work, how many times you have to tell somebody something before it sticks, other lawsuits, cops being able to lie, social media drama, lawyering up, murder, helping children, and the Serial podcast. It was a fun conversation. (There is a sound problem, but it won't happen again.) 

     Joe will be on the show next week.

     Hope you enjoy.

I’m Not Looking For Trouble, The Constant Stream, And Becoming Spiderman

September 21, 2016

    It's a short solo show this week. Phillip talks about some trouble he got in at work, what he is watching on Netflix (Luther, Bloodline, From Dusk Til Dawn TV series, Dexter, and a movie called ARQ), some Blu rays he bought recently (The Nice Guys, Captain America: Civil War), what he is going to be for Halloween, movies that he has seen in the theater with his wife (Hell or High Water, Sully, Snowden), he talks a little about a movie that he and his wife saw on Netflix called The Finest Hours, and finally he talks about podcast that he listens to (SModcast, Hollywood Babble-On, Radiolab, and Invisibilia).