Handjobs And Ice Cream

March 9, 2017

   We pulled another one out of the vault...from February 25th, 2011. Phillip and Serjio talk about how they first learned about and started masturbating, Serjio brings up the fact that kids now days try for anal first instead of vaginal sex, Phillip tells the story of a guy that his cousin Brigitte was dating that could suck his own cock, Phillip tells a childhood story, Serjio tells a story about how he use to take showers with a bunch of old men (in the gym), they discuss showering or not showering in gym class in school, Serjio tells a story about how he almost got his ass kicked when he was in Gymnastics, they talk about the movie Valley Girl, Phillip asks Serjio who his best friend is, they discuss circumsized and uncircumsized dicks, they also talk about the double standard of too many sexual partners, and Phillip ends the show by telling the beginning of a childhood story of a burning mattress. IT'S A FUNNY SHOW.

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The Unbreakable Split And Being Inappropriate At Work

February 22, 2017

     This week on the show Phillip and Joe answer an email about them getting old, and try and figure out how long they have known eachother. They then talk about the movies Split and Unbreakable. Phillip talks about Manhunter and Don't Breathe. Phillip then tells about some people at work, including himself, that say inappropriate things. They discuss how great The Golden Girls are, work relationships, Phillip watching Dexter, how Phillip has stopped watching crappy shows and movies, Phillip talks about the movie Gold with Matthew McConaughey, Joe asks Phillip what his favorite Billy Joel song is; who Phillip thinks is an overrated rock band, then they talk about some songs and bands when they were teenagers, then Phillip asks Joe what his favorite soundtrack is, and then they recommend some movies that are great but not well known. So it's a fun show. (Had some sound problems in the beginning, but then it all works out.)


Hope you enjoy. Have a great day.

Old Man Manson Twitches And 24 Legacy Reviewed

February 10, 2017

 On this episode, Phillip and Shawn talk about the fact that Shawn has quit smoking with Chantix, they talk about how old they are, Superbowl halftime shows through the years, Serjio telling Phillip that this would be a non Superbowl podcast, Shawn talks about how he is going to be starting playing video games on Twitch under the gamertag of Old Man Manson, Phillip talks again about why he loves doing the podcast, Shawn says that he may start a podcast about Destiny, Phillip talks about his friend's podcast called The Rocky Horror Podcast Show, Phillip then talks to Shawn about how he tries to come up with ideas for the podcast, then Phillip and Shawn talk a little about 24 Legacy, and finally Phillip reviews 24 Legacy by himself.

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The Donkey Is My Girlfriend And Rape Is Justified When Breaking Into A House

January 25, 2017

    On this week's episode Joe joins Phillip for some laughs. The two of them talk about how old they are getting, some TV shows and movies that they've been watching, Phillip asks Joe how many eggs are suppose to be carried in a basket, they talk about what they got for Christmas, Phillip reads a news story about a gay predator who raped 2 burglars, Phillip talks about his friend's Rocky Horror Picture Show Podcast, Phillip then reads another news story about a guy with a donkey for a girlfriend, then a news story about a naked guy in a pigeon coup, they then check in with what's going on with Phillip's dad in a segment called 'Father Knows Best', they tell some stories of what things they did when they were young, Joe talks a little about one of his kids, they talk about their hatred of large crowds, the Amazon Prime show Grand Tour, the Presidential Inauguration, and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Hope you enjoy it.

From now on the show will be every 2 weeks. (Quality over Quantity)

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Edible Shit Burgers And A Swinging Lifestyle

January 11, 2017

    On this week's show, a re-run from June 26th, 2011, Phillip and Serjio talk about hair color of older people's pubic hair, a swinging lifestyle of one of our parents, Japanese scientists who have figured out a way to make edible burgers out of feces, a man that hid inside a port-a-john to watch people poop, chemicals that may make your breasts small, movies we've watched, and other weird things.

It's a funny show. We hope you enjoy it.

Dealing With Drunks On New Year’s Eve, And Is A Possible Presidential Assassination On The Horizon?

January 4, 2017

    It's our first show of 2017 and Phillip is joined by Shawn once again. The two of them discuss how Phillip dealt with drunks on New Year's Eve at his job, how Shawn dealt with a Reverand who said that he got a promotion to the Head Nigger in complete charge, Phillip talks about helping a drunk guy out of his wheel chair and into his car, Phillip tells a story about a show called Mad Dogs on Amazon Prime and tells Shawn about the guy on there that is a recovering alcoholic, Phillip then talks about his father and what has been going on with him, they discuss DUI stories, Shawn talks about how he recently got his interlock device off of his car, then Phillip asks Shawn if he thinks that Donald Trump will be assassinated sometime in the 4 years, they then talk about how Obama had threats on him, then they ask who will be the first lady, and they end the show with Shawn reading a list of deaths of 2016.


So Happy New Year everyone. Be Excellent To Eachother!

The F@#k Dolls, And Rogue One Reviewed

December 24, 2016

On this VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EPISODE, Phillip is joined by his good friend Joe. The two of them discuss why people like the Howell's would go on a shitty boat like the SS Minnow, Joe says that Alf would have been a better show if were more like Predator, they then talk about John McTiernan and The Thomas Crown Affair. Then they both talk about their new favorite podcast...Sword & Scale, it's a true crime podcast. That leads them to talk about eating children, home invasion, and kidnapping. They talk about a couple of other podcasts and then Phillip tells Joe that he wants to do a short radio play of The Death Of the Lone Ranger. (Joe doesn't dig the idea.) Then Phillip brings up a news story that a coworker of his told him about, a security guard that was masturbating at an NFL game. Then Phillip and Joe talk about these real life child like dolls that are for pedophiles. They talk about stupid criminals in the world. They review ROGUE ONE.....SPOILERS!!!!!! They discuss other Star Wars movies. They talk about how Grand Moff Tarkin looked amazing and had more screen time than he did in 1977. They talk about how cool and badass Darth Vader was at the end of Rogue One. Phillip then tells about a team building excercise he went to for work. They then talk about the movies Condorman, Malice, Rob Zombie's 31, Shocker, the Fast and the Furious movies, XXX: The return of Xander Cage, John Wick 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Iron Giant, Blade Runner 2, Looper, Ronin, and City Slickers. It's a great fun show.


Thanks for listening.

Child Porn Is Bad, But Banana And Mayonnaise Sandwiches Are Good?

December 15, 2016

    This week on the podcast, Shawn is back as Phillip's co-host. The two of them discus Youtube and a video where a guy eats a banana and Mayonnaise sandwich, another one called Number 6 With Cheese, they talk about Casey Neistat and the Beem acquisition by CNN and then they talk a little about Phil DeFranco. Then Shawn talks about how he may join twitch and start playing video games while people watch, and they discuss how there needs to be consistency with that. Phillip then tells his idea for a Youtube vide where he would dress like Spiderman and tell messed up news stories. Shawn then talks about how confused his parents are about microsoft and technology, Phillip tells us the latest news about his father being homeless with a hernia, and how he might invite him to Christmas, Phillip also talks about the Smart car that he just bought with 8 airbags in it, and Shawn tells us that there is a bicycle airbag now, then Phillip tells a story about how he was misunderstood by his wife when talking about child pornography, Shawn then talks about a customer who is dating a woman 26 years younger than him, Shawn also tells an interesting story about either Barry Manilow or Neil Diamond's wife, Phillip then tells Shawn a story that he heard about a woman being hit 20 times in the head with a hammer by the husband and then how the husband stabbed himself to death 28 times, Shawn says that prison is only revenge for the dead victims, then Phillip talks a little about a new podcast that him, Tracy, Joe, and Phillip's wife are listening to called Sword & Scale, Phillip talks about a home invasion story that he heard about on that podcast, and about the retired cop that shot a texter in a movie theater, Shawn talks about our right to carry a gun and how and when to use it, Phillip talks about how some of the other sergeants at his security company are too gung ho, and Phillip ends the show with talking about how he is not in as much trouble as he was. Hope you enjoy it.

We Have Time To Review Things, But We Ain’t Got Time To Bleed

December 8, 2016

This week Chip joins Phillip on the show. They discuss the new WWE Raw video game, Jessie Ventura being cocky and stuck up, Phillip talks about how he is too old to go clubbing and the annoyance of Millenials, Chip talks about the Epcot Death Star, Phillip tells Chip about Avatar world, they discuss what they thought about the new Transformers movie trailer and all Transformers movies, they talk about how great the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer is, Phillip tells Chip about the new Guy Ritchie film called King Arthur, Phillip reads some trivia about Christmas Vacation, they then talk about the Lethal Weapon TV show, Phillip tells Chip about a show from the 90s called Fastlane, they both talk about how great the movie Predator is, Chip talks about the recent D.C. Crossover on tv and Kevin Smith's directing, they then discuss a Kevin Smith directed movie called Yoga Hosers, Phillip talks about what Yoga Hosers could have been, they then talk about the TV show Timeless, they both talk about great movies, and the show ends with Chip talking about his love of A Time To Kill and Phillip talking about his love of E.T. Thanks for listening.

Chicken Teeth And Turkey Nipples

December 1, 2016

    This week on the show. It's another rerun with Phillip and Serjio from June 18th 2011, but boy is it funny. They start by talking about Phillip's clothes, they read a pretty funny email from Serjio's wife, then the topic goes to masturbation, how to talk to your kids about masturbation, they then talk about a pubic hair that Serjio found on his leg, which leads them talking about their father's pubic hairs, they discuss the weird things that you say to your children that you would never say to an adult, they talk about how they were spanked when they were young and whether kids now days should be spanked, they then ask eachother if they would masturbate as much if they were gay, then Serjio reads a weird news story about a rapist, and another news story about chickens with teeth, and news story of monkeys with human faces, and then they ask eachother if turkeys have nipples.


It's a funny show. We hope you enjoy it. Subscibe to us on iTunes and/or send us an email to itskindofafunnypodcast@gmail.com