The Human F#@k Calendar And Dollar Store Sex Toys

March 22, 2017

     On this episode of the podcast, Phillip is joined by his friend Joe. It starts with a story of Phillip and a burning mattress. Then the 2 of them answer an email from Joe's wife. They talk about a podcast called Sword & Scale and the depressing thoughts that it brings to listeners. They then pay a little homage to Bill Paxton by talking about Weird Science, Aliens, and Twister. Which leads them to talk about other movies and the greatness that is Beverly Hills Cop. Then Phillip tells Joe about more work drama around the man called Paul Walker, and a sexy/creepy video. Phillip then tells Joe about his dad's new phone and the impossibility that he has keeping up with technology. They then talk about Phillip's dad being on Facebook, his girlfriend maybe being a hooker, and how he buys sex toys at the dollar store. They talk more favorite soundtracks. Phillip tells everyone to check out The Way of the Gun. Joe and Phillip review Logan and Kong. Joe talks about his son Jake's squeamishness toward blood. They talk about their wives tv watching habits. Phillip talks about the season finale of Lethal Weapon tv series. Joe tells Phillip about some observations that he had on the way to the podcast. They finish off the episode by congratulating Shawn on being sober for 2 years now. 

It's a fun show. Some might say that it's kind of a funny podcast.

Have a great day everyone.


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