Rape Robots And How I Spanked Your Mother In Idaho

June 1, 2017

On this episode Phillip is joined by Shawn, who is 810 days sober. The two of them have a great time and you get to hear Phillip's Ghost in the Shell review, Phillip then tells Shawn about a couple 7,000 dollar sex dolls. They then talk about teladildonics, which is sex across the country with haptic feedback. They then talk about customer service, and the oldest vibrators. Shawn brings up the entitlement of others, and taking the AA steps again. Phillip talks about how he is getting a gun for his birthday. They then discuss guns and shooting, a youtube guy named John Lovell, having courage in a bad situation, gun accessories, and tactics. Through all of it they talk about some special training that they have. LOL.

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