The Donkey Is My Girlfriend And Rape Is Justified When Breaking Into A House

January 25, 2017

    On this week's episode Joe joins Phillip for some laughs. The two of them talk about how old they are getting, some TV shows and movies that they've been watching, Phillip asks Joe how many eggs are suppose to be carried in a basket, they talk about what they got for Christmas, Phillip reads a news story about a gay predator who raped 2 burglars, Phillip talks about his friend's Rocky Horror Picture Show Podcast, Phillip then reads another news story about a guy with a donkey for a girlfriend, then a news story about a naked guy in a pigeon coup, they then check in with what's going on with Phillip's dad in a segment called 'Father Knows Best', they tell some stories of what things they did when they were young, Joe talks a little about one of his kids, they talk about their hatred of large crowds, the Amazon Prime show Grand Tour, the Presidential Inauguration, and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Hope you enjoy it.

From now on the show will be every 2 weeks. (Quality over Quantity)

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