Podcasts, Lots Of Crazy, And A Lack Of Empathy

July 26, 2017

     This time on the show, Shawn joins Phillip and the two of them discuss Marvel Heroes Omega video game, Dan Carlan's Harcore History podcast, a little bit of Father Knows Best with Phillip's father, Phillip tells Shawn about a podcast called Cashing in with T.J. Miller, they talk about how reality tv sucks, Phillip talks about another podcast called Generation Why, they both talk about a murderer named Edwin Kemper, they talk about how full of shit they both use to be in their youth, they talk guns, the craziness of some people, Phillip talks about another podcast called Hollywood & Crime about the Black Dahlia/L.A. murders, Phillip then tells Shawn about a great podcast called The Last Podcast on the Left, they then discuss Scientology, The Oklahoma City bombing, a killer named Carl Panzram, the Philadelphia Experiment, Shawn tells Phillip about a video game called Anthem, they talk about the greatness of podcasting, Phillip tells Shawn about the Japanese actress that drown in the bukake scene and gives him a scenerio, Phillip then tells Shawn a story of a Priest that massages penises to help them grow, they also talk about a bunch of cocaine that was found in the nose an commercial airplane, they talk about the fear of going to another country to train, they then discuss different cultures and America being so young, then Shawn talks about his new gun and they talk about shooting at a range. It's a good informative podcast. Check out all the podcasts that we talk about on the show.  

Dicks And Long Things That Choke Or Kill

July 12, 2017

On this episode of the podcast Phillip and Joe have a good ol' fun time. They talk about the North Korean missle situation for a second, Phillip tells Joe about some work related issues that are total bullshit, then they talk about Phillip's father, Phillip then reads a news story a bukake death on a porn film, Phillip then gives Joe a similar scenerio, then they talk about a man that is on trial for killing his wife with his penis, then there is another news story about a man with a 19 inch penis, they then give some advice to a female listener, they talk about the podcast Sword & Scale, Phillip then talks about shows and movies that he has watched recently. Phillip also gives a small review of Transformers: The Last Knight, Phillip talks about an inappropriate old man that works where he does security, Joe talks about some shows that he has been watching, and they finish off the show with Joe telling Phillip to check out a podcast called Cashing In with T.J. Miller. (It's a funny podcast, just like ours, so check it out.) So we hope you enjoy our show. Please subscribe to us on iTunes, Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and instagram, and send any comments or questions to itskindofafunnypodcast@gmail.com 

Have a great day everyone!

Anal Sex, Bad Jobs, And Money’s No Object

June 30, 2017

    The show this week is from October 11th, 2010. Phillip is joined by Serjio and a call in guest named Shawn. They talk about what they would do for 500 dollars, and then Shawn calls in with a funny scenerio. Serjio and Phillip then read some odd news about Zimbabwe men being raped by women, local guy almost sufocates by putting a bag over his head and robbing a store, a person's neighbor is arrested for child porn they uploaded, friend's brain in a jar, men in Afghanistan walking with young boys, and stimilus check payouts. Then the conversation turns to anal sex. Shawn calls in again to discuss his experience. Serjio then reads an English article about anal sex. Then Phillip and Serjio answer the question, "If they could buy anthing what would it be?" They then discuss the bad jobs they have had and the funnest jobs they have had. They then discuss Karate Kid old VS Karate Kid new. They talk a little about some movies from 2010. It's a funny show. 

The Golden Boys, Remakes, And A Little Father Knows Best

June 16, 2017

Phillip and Joe have a fun conversation about Netflix shows, recent movies, tv shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000, nudity on tv, some more work drama, a security guard rapist, Bisbee, Phillip tells some stories about his father, they talk about how Joe hates flying, child stars, Sword & Scale, podcasts, and Phillip's love of baths.

Rape Robots And How I Spanked Your Mother In Idaho

June 1, 2017

On this episode Phillip is joined by Shawn, who is 810 days sober. The two of them have a great time and you get to hear Phillip's Ghost in the Shell review, Phillip then tells Shawn about a couple 7,000 dollar sex dolls. They then talk about teladildonics, which is sex across the country with haptic feedback. They then talk about customer service, and the oldest vibrators. Shawn brings up the entitlement of others, and taking the AA steps again. Phillip talks about how he is getting a gun for his birthday. They then discuss guns and shooting, a youtube guy named John Lovell, having courage in a bad situation, gun accessories, and tactics. Through all of it they talk about some special training that they have. LOL.

Being Forgetful, Ending And Canceled TV Shows, And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Reviewed Quickly

May 18, 2017

   On this episode Phillip is joined again by his cousin Chip, who is in Colorado, and the 2 of them discuss what they have been up to, Phillip talks about his cosmic coincidence with a couple of recent celebrity deaths, Phillip talks about how he almost flushed his partials down the toilet, and being forgetful. They both talk about being lazy and sometimes not hearing what their wives have said. Then Phillip talks about what an idiot he is, and he gives some examples. Phillip then talks about his love of Mystery Science Theater 3000. They then talk about seeing some crappy movies in the theater. The two of them discuss recent comedy specials that they have seen, Kevin Hart's What NOW? and Dave Chapelles new Netflix standup comedy shows. Phillip and Chip then go through a list of cancelled TV shows and some old TV shows that are coming back (Will & Grace and Roseanne). The two of them then discuss some TV shows that they watched when they were younger. Then they quickly review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 

Whore Drama, A Kidnapper With The Munchies, And A Serbian Film

May 3, 2017

     This week Phillip's co-host is Joe. The two of them talk about how uncomfortably women dress, a military death that could have been a friend of Phillip's, some more work drama, a little more Father Knows Best..., the most documented UFO case, and the Phoenix lights. Then Phillip reviews the movies The Founder, Silence, Gator, and The Ghost In The Shell. They then discuss work schedules, a couple of news stories about kidnapping and a woman killing her son. Joe talks about a podcast with T.J. Miller called Cashing in with T.J. Miller. They talk about the new movie trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Kingsman. They talk about Jonathan Demme's death and Phillip reviews A Serbian Film. Phillip contemplates doing a podcast about T.J. Hooker and then they talk about Bachelor Party. Great times. Please enjoy.


Deaf Mutes And Down Syndrome Whores

April 19, 2017

On this episode that Phillip and Serjio recorded from May 27th 2011, they talk about Tucker Max, transvestites, down syndrome whores, blowjobs, masturbation, Peter Fonda threatening the President, Jackass 3, The Mechanic remake, Love the Beast documentary, a documentary called Young Yakuza, Easy Rider stopping the war, deaf mutes, the mob, odd news stories, and movies that we may be gay for liking.

Sorry that the Ghost in the Shell movie review is not here yet, but Shawn is busy with personal stuff. Phillip and him will do one soon.

Join us in 2 weeks when Phillip and Joe check back in with the at work drama and some more Father knows best.

Have a great day everyone.

A Woman Has Sex With A Dog And Paranoid Schizophrenics Are Scary

April 5, 2017

    On this episode, Shawn joins Phillip, and the two of them talk about shooting guns, and reasonable and unreasonable purchases. They answer an email that asks what is their best, worst, and funniest childhood memories. Phillip tells a story that a guy at work told everyone about masturbation that was inappropriate for work. Phillip and Shawn then discuss porn and they way porn has changed. Phillip then tells a story about a woman that had sex with a dog and was arrested. Phillip then tells Shawn about the podcast called Sword & Scale and a guy named Luca Magnatto.  Phillip then tells a story about a paranoid Schizophrenic at work that he could't help. They discuss the backlash against Youtube star Pew De Pie. They then talk about the new Youtube rules and regulations. Hope you enjoy it.

Join us in 2 weeks when.....Phillip and Shawn review the new movie Ghost In The Shell, and then they will discuss the future of all things.



The Human F#@k Calendar And Dollar Store Sex Toys

March 22, 2017

     On this episode of the podcast, Phillip is joined by his friend Joe. It starts with a story of Phillip and a burning mattress. Then the 2 of them answer an email from Joe's wife. They talk about a podcast called Sword & Scale and the depressing thoughts that it brings to listeners. They then pay a little homage to Bill Paxton by talking about Weird Science, Aliens, and Twister. Which leads them to talk about other movies and the greatness that is Beverly Hills Cop. Then Phillip tells Joe about more work drama around the man called Paul Walker, and a sexy/creepy video. Phillip then tells Joe about his dad's new phone and the impossibility that he has keeping up with technology. They then talk about Phillip's dad being on Facebook, his girlfriend maybe being a hooker, and how he buys sex toys at the dollar store. They talk more favorite soundtracks. Phillip tells everyone to check out The Way of the Gun. Joe and Phillip review Logan and Kong. Joe talks about his son Jake's squeamishness toward blood. They talk about their wives tv watching habits. Phillip talks about the season finale of Lethal Weapon tv series. Joe tells Phillip about some observations that he had on the way to the podcast. They finish off the episode by congratulating Shawn on being sober for 2 years now. 

It's a fun show. Some might say that it's kind of a funny podcast.

Have a great day everyone.